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About Us

CLEAN FREAKS Quality Cleaning Services

Serving Canmore since 2011

We are insured, licensed and WCB cleared !

About Beth Cairns / Owner

Beth Cairns has been living in the valley since 1981, an environment which has inspired and influenced her work as a professional artist.

Beth also worked in the ski industry for 23yrs and has a keen customer service and business sense. She also teaches piano. I can find her riding her mountain bike, kayaking, skiing and really anything outdoor with her Golden Retriever Scarlet.

After 11 straight days at the tea house (140 hours of work) I come home to find that I am 6 pounds lighter, there is a new New Zealand white wine that is cheap and good - Fat Bird- and my friend that has a cleaning company ( Clean Freaks) has done an amazing job and my house feels as clean as a hotel! There is a Godess!!!

Suzanne G / Canmore


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