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House Cleaning


One time or all the time.

You tell us what you need.

We can make it so you get to play more and come home to a clean house....guaranteed!

After Party Cleaning


OH WHAT A PARTY....but who wants to clean that up....well WE DO!! 

Just give us a little notice, and we'll be there to make the space sparkle, like it did the night before.

Move In/Out Cleaning


We are really good at this!!!

Contact us for an estimate.

Modern House

Property Checks



$20 per property check

Deep Spring Cleaning


WE LOVE doing spring cleaning.

Deep cleans....we get all up in there!!!

Contact us for an estimate

Fresh Veggies

Concierge Services

A whole list of things we can do for you. Prep your house for your arrival, get groceries, flowers, liquor. We can even decorate for an upcoming party

Additional Services

Inside Cabinets

Sure, that too, no problem

Inside Fridge

Sure, that too, no problem

Please let us know where you need help and we will do our best to help you out.

EMAIL us your thoughts.

Inside Oven

YUP we can do that

Interior Walls

Yup we can do that too

Interior Windows

Yup, with one exception.....we do NOT do high ladder work, step ladder only

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